Good Health Review
Your visits may include extended consultations and personalized coaching to create positive lifestyle changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management. The Good Health Review is our opportunity to evaluate, review and dialogue about the health factors that impact your vitality. These factors include behavior and lifestyle choices, family medical history, preventive care needs and the status of ongoing chronic conditions. The Good Health Review is also an opportunity for us to better understand you in the context of your REAL life and therefore provide personalized, relevant advice and counsel for your health.

Urgent Care
Temescal Creek Medicine provides same or next-day evaluation for urgent medical problems including minor injuries and diagnosis, and treatment of problems appropriate to primary care (e.g. colds, illness, minor accidents; conditions that don’t require emergency, hospital or specialist care).

Preventive Care
Temescal Creek Medicine provides thorough, periodic physical exams and age-specific health screenings for men and women—school age children through seniors. Your provider will evaluate your current state of health and recommend improvements for your future health and well-being.

Chronic Disease Management
Temescal Creek Medicine incorporates national guidelines to provide our patients with state-of-the-art primary care for hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other chronic conditions. Your physician may provide education and training to manage your chronic condition. If your chronic condition changes and you need more specialized care than your physician can provide, we will refer you to an appropriate specialist health care provider and assist you in making decisions relating to their care.

Medications & Vaccines
Temescal Creek Medicine providers may administer selected medications and vaccines in our office. While some of these items are provided at no additional charge, some are charged to you at our cost.

Temescal Creek Medicine provides a broad range of medical procedure. Procedure fees are in addition to visit charges. A list of fees for procedures are available for patient review prior to any procedure.
Ear Canal Flushing
Rapid Strep Throat Testing
Pregnancy Testing
Cryotherapy (freezing warts, skin tags, precancerous lesions)
Biopsy and Excision
Wound Debridement (tissue cleaning)
Incision and Drainage (abcesses)
Laceration Repair (suture and dermabond)
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injection of elbow, knee, soft tissue
Pre-employment, work, volunteer, or adoption physicals
We are happy to provide these types of examinations and complete the necessary forms. Please note these visit are considered administrative exams and are charged at the regular visit rate for all patients. We do not do Worker Compensation